silly few words that i type without thinking much

2024-07-09: my boyfriend thinks ihave a cute and pretdty voiceiuwlfsneafijpofej😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

2024-07-02: i still think about her sometimes, friends leaving sucks ass

2024-06-27: i didnt sleep today :(

2024-06-22: i really need to stop sleeping like 10-12 hours a day

2024-06-20: more people should make funky personal websites

2024-06-18: i think im overrated

2024-06-15: i think im hungover

2024-06-14: back from sweden cruise, i didnt sleep for 2 days + alcohol sucks

2024-06-11: the one beaten black and blue in front of their beloved is who?

2024-06-09: the characterai version someone made of me has 2038 chats im going to be replaced arent i. also looked in the mirror and didnt hate my body for the first time in a while crazy

2024-06-07: i want to join some webring please tell me what webrings should i join in chatbox :pleading:

2024-06-06: oh also worth mentioning im on sertraline (antidepressants) now so i should hopefully get better :D

2024-06-05: I am NOT restoring the old stuff :3