on the 12th of june i went on a cruise to sweden with my class and we were going to stay there for like 2-3 ish days

the first day was ummm yeouch
during the first few hours we wandered around the ship and played bingo, we almost won we were missing two numbersssnfascsfeawewrq. after that we bought a box full of some alcoholic soda thingy it was bad it tasted like lemonade and i didnt taste anything in it after that i think we ate bought something else??? i forgot but i remember playing durak with someonjne and absolutely demolishing them. then i got invited by someone to drink MORE and then we stumbled around the ship for like 4 hours, we went and sang karaoke thingies and then went to dance i left that plavce because i dont like dancing and just walked around alone on the ship because everyone was asleep at that point. i did NOT sleep AT ALL during the entire cruise i was fuelled by red bull and something else.

the next day we walked around stockholm, we visited various clothes stores and used stuff places, i saw a violin for like 50 eur after that we found a subway and bought food there i HATE subway it tastes good for like the firs few minutes and then it melts and combines with the wrapping paper on a molecular level + it tastes bad when its not hot. after that i was going to return to the ship BUT google maps decided not to gfucking work and made me leave the thing a station earlier, so i had to walk for like 30 minutes. when i got there we waited for other people and found out google maps had fucked up someone else too they had 8 minutes to spare when they finally got here

on the ship i uhmmmmm drinked more :( i got like 4 shots of vodka then beer and i dont like alcohol i dont drink often thankfully

the next morning i got off the ship and went home and felt VERY shitty for the next 2 days :3

in conclusion sweden isnt real